Jun 02

Shaker screen is the most valuable spare parts for drilling mud recycling shaker. There are a lot of shaker supplier brand like Derrick, NOV, Kem-Tron, Is there any shaker screen supplier that could build all brand of these famous shaker? Yes, GN Solids Control is your best choice

Why GN Shaker Screen Is The Top Choice ?

GN Solids Control is one of the leading supplier for shakes in the world and it makes GN to be proffessional for shaker screen. Best understanding on shale shaker working principle, working performance makes GN knows what kind of shaker screen is the best.GN have a screen factory and build various shaker screens like Derrick and Brandt which make GN knows other brand shaker screens and improve GN shaker itself.

Main Shaker Screen Type/Brand in the world

1. Derrick Flo Line 503/504 Shaker Screen
2. Derrick Flo Line 2000 Shaker Screen
3. Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen
4. Brandt VSM300 Shaker Screen with 3 different size screen
5. Kem-Tron Tango Shaker Screen-KPT28 / KPT40 screen

GN Solids Control also build other brand shaker screen. Please contract us and talk about your requirement. If they are the brand that not famous, please send us picture and size to build.


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