Jul 06

Trailer mounted mud tank recycling system is getting very popular for Coal Seam Methan(CSM) drilling and HDD for portable moving. GN1000GPM trailer mouted mud tank system is designed to compete with Kem-Tron Tango 1000 system

GN1000GPM Trailer Mounted Mud System

GN1000GPM trailer mounted mud system incluing 2 shale shaker 1 mud cleaner and 1 hopper. This mud tank systme is designed without disassemble any part when moving from jobsite to jobsite. What’s the advantages of GN 1000GPM trailer mounted mud recycling system compared with Kem-Tron tango 1000?

1) GN installed mud agitator, which enable agitating fuctions in clean mud compartment get better
2) Kem-Tron Tango 1000 mud system first phase cleaning is only 1 shaker but GN have 2 shaker which will make GN1000 mud system performace better because running 2 shaker for first phase cleaning
3) GN offer custmized tank design, let us know your requirement and then we work out an solution for you

Coal Seam Methan(CSM) Drilling Specials

Coal seam methan(CSM) drilling is very strict compared with HDD drilling mud system. The strict points are focus on electricals and safety issues. GN Solids Control have sold a lot of mud system to Australia for CSM drilling which enable us to be very proffessional on CBM mud recycling system.

Jack Up Leg System Replacement of Trailer Mouted Mud Tank Recycling System

GN also offer jack up leg system to replace trailer mouted mud tanks which is aslo fast moving mud tank compared trailer mounted tank. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for more info or inqury.


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