Aug 13

Trenchless Drilling is also called No Dig Drilling. while trenchless drilling , it will need drilling mud to cool down the rig temperature and also lubricate drilling pipe and keep pressure balance in the drilling hole.

Trenchless drilling Desilter

Trenchless Drilling mud desilter is the second class solids control equipment of drilling-fluid solid control system.  It is a combination of a cyclone desilter and a shale shaker. The design of desilter cyclones are based on the centrifuge-setting principle of particles.  The separating drilling mud goes into the cyclone along its inner-wall at a certain pressure and speed made by the pump. The great particles are going down spirally along the inner-wall of the cyclone at the centrifugal force and the gravity , then running out through the underset nozzle and falling down on the small mush shale shaker for further separation . The other mud goes up along the centre of the cyclone, and goes into the fourth class separating equipment –centrifuge for further separating.

Trenchless drilling mud cleaning system

The drilling mud cleaning system will always includes shale shaker , desander , desilter , mud agitator, jet mud mixer with mixing pump and mud hopper, mud tank and other attachment. GN has exported to over 40 countries for drilling mud cleaning equipment till now which enable GN to be very proffessional on manufacture and also offer service to international clients. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for inquries of trenchless drilling mud cleaning desilter and also cleaning system.


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