Mar 17

Trenchless technology started for oil and gas pipe line repare and developed to waste water and feeding water pipe line repare and rebuild . In China not many manufacture for trenchless drilling mud cleaning system or equipments . GN solids control is a manufacture that focused on trenchless drilling mud recycling system and oil drilling solids control system .

China solids mud cleaning system mostly for oil drilling

Most of China manufacture for mud cleaning equipments are for oil drilling , but GN is a manufacture that focus on trenchless drilling as one of GN branch . GN200GPM , GN400GPM , GN500GPM , GN800GPM,GN1000GPM,GN1500GPM and GN2000GPM trenchless drilling mud cleaning system are the main standard modles . Linear motion shaker and Balanced elliptical motion shaker both availeble .

Trenchless drilling mud cleaning system sales from GN

GN make sales both China market and international market which have exported over 40 countries for trenchless mud system or equipments and shaker screens & cones both .  200GPM mud system to Korea , Click here  ,   500GPM mud system to Australia, click here . 1400GPM mud system to Australia , click here .  Also there are further more sales for trenchless drilling mud cleaning system and equipments in our web on the NEWS part . Please check more and find something you are interesting .


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