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Tri-Flo is one of the manufacture for mud system in the world , many users are using their mud system . Also GN Solids Control is a growing manufacture for mud system and have been entered into Australia market and more and more user choose GN now .Here let us study the 1500 mud system from tri-flo and GN as bellowing:

Tri-Flo 1500 Mud System for your refference

The Tri-Flo 1500 mud system uses a Tri-Flo 123 shale shaker with capacity of 150 US GPM . It can separate solids in the mud above 178 microns with a high G forth . The secondary cleaning of the Tri-Flo 1500 mud system is a Tri-Flo 4×4″ mud cleaner .  Feeding pump will pump the mud into 4″ cyclones and the larger particals over 16 microns will be separted out by a centrifugal force and gravitation . The larger partical will be passed on a second Tri-Flo 123 shaker with a finer screen to try the solids . A Tri-Flo 3″ jet mixing hopper is used and allows fresh mud to be prepared from bentonite powder .

GN 1500 Mud system in here in show

GN1500 mud system uses a GNZS83-2 shale shaker with capacity of 250US GPM separate the larger particals over 250 microns and try the solids particals on the screen . A GNZJ100S desilter is used with 4×4″ cone to separate particals over 20 microns and the solids will drop into the screen and try off . The clean mud will goes into the second compartment of the tank . SLH100-30 jet mud mixer is used in this mud system for mixing cleaning mud and offer cleaning mud to drilling rig . This mixing mup for SHL100-30 jet mud mixer can also works as a transfer pump that can offer mud to mud pump .

Tri-Flo and GN are 2 manufactures for drilling mud systems and equipments , they both have advantages and difference .Please choose the suitable brand based on our different request for mud system .


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    It’s a very good artical , please keep on update for tri-flo mud system .

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    Yes, tri-flo and GN both a good manufacture for mud system . good points!

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