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GN Solids Control is a China Leading Shale Shaker Manufacturer, we list some USA based Shale Shaker manufacturer companies as below for your info.

USA Derrick Shale Shaker

Presently, the most popular model is Dual Pool 600 Series.The main features are as following:
Dual Pool Screen Frame
Actuated Screen Compression System
Optional Scalping Deck
Super G3 Vibrating Motors
Pyramid and Pyramid Plus Screen Technology
Hydraulic Deck Angle Adjustment

Dual Pool 600 Series shale shaker is also used in civil and underground industry. Morover there are also FLC503 and FLC504 shale shaker,also Dual and triple FLC503/504, FLC513/514, FLC500VE, FLC Plus, then FLC2000 Series shale shaker with different shaker screens.

America Derrick Shale Shaker

USA Derrick Shale Shaker

USA NOV Brandt Shale Shaker

NOV Brandt is another top manufacturer on drilling fluids solids control equipments and system. NOV Brandt manufactures several models of shale shakers, each targeting a specific segment of the market. Manufacturing facilities are located in Conroe, Texas, America and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Their main shale shaker models are VSM300 Shale Shaker, Cobra Shaker, King Cobra Shaker, King Cobra Plus Shaker, King Cobra II, Mini Cobra 2-Panel Shaker. Usually, the shaker screen for Cbora shaker will be suitable for almost all of the shale shaker, except the VSM series Shale Shaker.

America MI-Swaco Shale Shaker

MI-Swaco holds America even worldwide advanced shale shaker. Including following items, BEM-650 Shaker, Gumbo Chain, MD-3 Shale shaker, Meerkat PT shaker, Mongoos Shale Shaker.

America Mongoose Shale Shaker

America Mongoose Shale Shaker

Especially for Mongoose Shaker, it holds variable vibration model between elliptical and balanced. This will be more convenient and capable for different working conditions on Drilling fluids processing.

USA Kem-tron Shale Shaker

Kem-tron is another famous manufacturer on drillng mud processing equipments. They hold aobut 12 models shale shaker, such as KTL-448, the latest one KTL-448AG, KTL-448D shale shaker, KTL-48, KTL-48D, KTL-48D(W), KTL-48DD, KTL-48DT, KTL-48TJ, KTL-48SS, KTL-48T, KTL-48TJ. Although Ket-tron has went through only 10 years, they went rapidly and bring the excellent goods from America to over 30 countries all over the world.

For the shaker screen of Kem-tron shale shaker is almost KPT-28. Except KTL-448AG shale shaker, all of other shakers will use KPT-28 Screen. KTL-448AG shaker uses KPT-26 screen. So almost customers will require the KPT-28 for their present Kem-tron shale shaker also for the mud clenaer.

USA Tri-Flo Shale Shaker

In United States of America Tri-Flo is established in 1979. They are good at making fast move or mobile drilling fluids solids control system. Their shale shaker also Linear Motion Shale Shakers, Elliptical Motion Shale Shakers. However, no balanced elliptical shale shaker. There is neither other sufficient content on their shale sahker.

Other American Shale Shaker manufacturer

Such as Fluids System, and Double Life Corporation. Hold main shale shakers as following
Black ThunderTM VGS™ , 20L B.VGS™, 50 B.VGS™, 500 B.VGS™, 5000 B. VGS™, 500 ELS., 500 BSBS. VGS™, RUMBA201-ST., 50/500B. VGS™, 500/500B. VGS™, 500/500 EOL., A50B, A500B, AWD III Linear Shaker, Tandem Linear Single Shaker, Standard 4×5 Elliptical Shaker, Dual Tandem Elliptical Shaker

Above listed USA Shale shaker manufacturer is almost all of world leading solids control equipments or system manufacturer.  GN listed those for customers convenience and information also set others as our own learning sample. GN shale shaker also obtained clients’ support and appreciation. Especially now, GN can manufacture the Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. For more interesting info on Shale Shaker and other solids control equipments come to GN


written by GN Shale Shaker

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