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Abstract on used mud equipments

In mud processing system there are many equipments including shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, etc. Usually, the mud system can be used more than 5 years. Of coures it should exclude the spare parts replacement.

Just in GN yard, there is a Kemtron drilling mud system for repairing. This system was produced in 2004, used mud cleaner, used shale shaker, used pump, etc. Almost all of the equipments have blemish on surface and all of the screens are rusty much. However, the used mud cleaner and shale shaker can be said 50% new.

Why do people like used shale shaker & mud cleaner?

Commonly, the mud processing equipments are manufactured strictly according to national standard or international regulation such as API, etc. This decides products high quality. The equipments usually won’t be broken easily except the spare parts and surface abrasion.

Many clients inquired used drilling mud equipments because they think used one is qualified in some degree. They only need to replace some parts and do some simple repair. Used shale shaker also requests less cost. Furthermore, they may in badly demand on mud cleaner, etc. then we wish something in stock to solve the urgency.

Generally speaking, customers ask for used equipment result from the economy investment, lead time, well drilling project situation, etc.

New GN Shale Shaker

New GN Shale Shaker

How to choose old mud equipment?

As we said, firstly we must know the basical condition of  mud equipments. Such as the main parts should be in good condition, the surface whether need to be renew or not, if repair it will cost how much, etc.

The used mud cleaner and shale shaker usually cost on surface, shaker screen, some bolts, etc. However, the key components, such as vibrating motor, shaker deck, main frame should be in good look and reliable enough. We should choose used one from reliable manufacturer such as Kemtron, Derrick, GN Solids Control, etc.

One more thing is, when we repair used mud cleaner and shale shaker we must need a lot of replacement, such as cones, bolts, valves, shaker screens, etc. We’d better contact original manufacturer for the complete conformity and harmony. But this will increase much time and cost.

Suggestion and attention

For different clients we always have specific proposals. Last month, we received one set of Kemtron Mud processing system from a customer. They asked us to repair it.  

After chcking that system, we have folloing suggestion. Considering to give clients convenience and economical cost we kindly suggest people choose new system. Since produce new mud equipment or system may take same manufacture time as repair an old fluids system.  Then consider the harmony and performance of the whole system.  Finally, the cost. As we said, repair used equipments need parts conformity totally. This will increase man power and investment

So we kindly suggest people select new mud equipments and system, such as mud cleaner, shale shaker, etc. Choose the used equipments must be careful and careful. Otherwise will let us pay much more.


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