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Vacuum degasser introduction

Vacuum degasser is another kind of drilling mud equipment for degassing. It can be used to separate little gas invaded into the fluid.  ZCQ Vacuum degasser is one equipment  made by GN. This equipment usually set behind shale shaker but before mud cleaner. It also can be used as a big mud agitator during process.

Vacuum degasser is constructed by main vessel, gas water separator, vacuum pump, motor, and eletric control cabinet.

Fluid degasser working principle

Main principle is take advantage of negative pressure make invaded gas out of drilling fluid. Details is as following:

When the fluids flow to  shaker, it maybe mixed with invaded gas.  However, shale shaker can only separate particles larger than 76 microns. It can’t separate gas out. Then in order to keep the property of drilling fluid we need to do degassing.

Drilling Fluid Vacuum Degasser

Drilling Fluid Vacuum Degasser

Firstly we must swith on the main motor to drive the treating vessel. When the main body get good running we need to open the vacuum pump to suction invaded gas out. Then there will be negative voltage.  As we know the drilling fluid has viscosity when the gas invaded it there will be bubbles hard to get rid of. Considering above we design main vessel has a bearing connect with a shaft attached impellers.

When vacuum degasser vessel is negative voltage the fluid will be sucked in it and the impeller will agitate and break all air bubbles. At the same time, the vacuum pump is still working. The gas comes out of bubble break will be sucked by vacuum pump. Then flow to the gas water separator.

The fluid is always with water since its igh temperature and ambient low temperature. Actually we must burn the poisonous gas to make sure the green environment. So the gas with water after go through the gas water separator will make gas more dry. Then we can flare it

Defference on vacuum degasser and poor boy degasser fluid processing

Vacuum degasser usually used to separate less gas than poor boy degasser. Although they both are degassing devices.  Poor boy degasser is set up before shale shaker in the oil and gas well drilling. Before fluid flowing to shale shaker it need to be processed by poor boy degasser for safety working condition. Especially when the well depth is more than 4KM.

Vacuum degasser need to be fixed on tank for the different stage of poor boy degasser.


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