Jun 30

Vertical cuting dryer is a very important part for drilling waste management on oil base mud treating. Decanter centrifuge will be the second equipment to clean fluid after vertical cutting dryer

Vertical Dryer Working Principal

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, while “dry” solids are extracted by the angled flights attached to the cone, which rotate slightly slower than the bowl. Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl, which is crucial for proper operation.

China Vertical Cutting Dryer Manufacturer

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer fixed with individual oil lubrication system with automatic alarm for pressure limit. The main motor and oil pump motor is interlocked with each other for avoiding the start of the main motor prior to the start of the oil pump motor.

Other than vertical cutting dryer, GN Solids Control also produce other solids control for a complete solids control pakage including shale shaker, desander , desilter , decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud tank, jet mud mixing,etc. Please contact us freely


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