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Vibrating motor provides power on shale shaker. Since the vibrating motor provides vibration strength the shale shaker can be called vibration device, or vibrator.

Vibration motors division

According to safe type it can be common type and explosion-proof type. This depends on industry also. It can be divided according to its shape and motor insulation class. According to usage industry, the vibrating motor including oil&gas drilling mud shale shaker, the mine industry, etc. Divided by installation way there will be horizontal type and vertical type.

Vibrating motors for drilling mud shaker

Vibrating motors for drilling mud shaker

Considering the vibration frequency it may be low frequency, common frequency and high frequency. Presently, there are clients also divid them according to the vibration track, inculing linear motion, balanced elliptical motion, etc.

The structure

Almost all of the shaker motors are configured by connection box, drive motor, shell, bearing support, bearing, motors bearing, the eccentric block, caps for eccentric block, and necessary connection bolts and accessaries.

How to choose motors on shale shaker?

Firstly we must know its work principle and actual working conditions. The shaker motor can provide vibration strength comes from eccentric block. And we can adjust the eccentric block realize the different vibrating strength.

Choose correct motors also need proper installatioin dimension and position. When we know exact power demand, vibration force, and relative working situation it will be easy to choose appropriate motor and shale shaker.

Vibration motor manufacturer

As we all know, Derrick equipment holds its own shale shaker motor. Then the world famous manufacturer including Martin motors, Italy Oli, the Italvibras motor, etc. They hold top quality vibration motors for shale shaker or mud cleaner. GN Solids Control usually choose Italy Oli brand. However, it can be decided by client’s demand and the different drilling mud situation


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