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Both shakers in questioned are rather popular in the world. And they are from famous manufacturer—NOV Brandt, and MI-Swaco.  Both of them are USA shaker manufacturers.

Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

The features of VSM300

Vibration motion: balanced elliptical shal shaker, shaker deck: double.  Supplied in modular form, the Brandt® VSM 300 can be assembled on site to produce multiple units thereby reducing installation time and costs. NOV Brandt’s proven shallow header tank system provides equal flow distribution across the shakers, even when multiple units are installed. 

The VSM 300 is an extremely simple machine to operate; maintenance is minimal and screen changing is carried out in 2-3 minutes by ONE operator

VSM300 Shaker

VSM300 Shaker

Mongoose shaker introduction

It holds dual motion shaker : linear motion and balanced elliptical shaker. It can be adjusted according to actual working condition and requirements.

With the flip of a switch on the control box, motion is reconfigured from linear to balanced elliptical without shutting down the shaker. Operating in the gentler balanced elliptical mode, solids encounter reduced G-forces and longer screen residence time. This results in drier solids, improved drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs.

Selection on shakers

Shale shakers treated as key equipment for drilling mud. It’s first stage solids control equipment. If the selection on shakers are appropriate the subsequent items will be right then. So the whole system will be ideal proposal for drilling fluid processing.

The VSM300 shaker and Mongoose shale shaker are different type on vibration motion. They hold different treating capacity and themselves superiority. Considering actual necessity on processing result and convenience many client will choose Mongoose dual motion shaker.

However, as we talked before, the Mongoose shaker will have much inconvenience on transportation. Since the weight and dimension of double style vibration motor.

In fact, how to choose shale shaker depends on project situation, etc. We kindly suggest clients choose shale shaker easy to operation and maintenance, then it should be portable. Including the shaker screen need to be changed easily and hold long usable life


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