Jun 27

As leading separation solution provider and leading manufacturer for decanter centrifuges in China, each year, GN Solids Control makes and sells around 200 sets of decanter centrifuges. Those centrifuges are mostly used in oil and gas industry like the solids control systems, waste management systems, oily sludge separation systems and large TBM projects. But in fact, the decanter centrifuges has even wider applications than the above mentioned ones. For example, in the food industry, beverage industry, edible oil industry and waste water industry. And just recently, some clients are using GN’s decanter centrifuges in power plant and it the performance was proved to be satisfactory.

Video for GN Centrifuges in power plant
Those decanter centrifuges are of big bowl centrifuges with bowl diameter of 18 inch. Same as other GN centrifuges models, this centrifuge model:

  1. use duplex stainless steel as the bowl material, and
  2. for the impeller protection and solids discharge ports, GN uses tungsten carbide tiles and special material ports for protection.
  3. GN also uses genuine SKF bearings for the centrifuges’ stable performance and longer service life.
  4. Details cannot be neglected, during transportation, GN use screws for jacking the bowls from outside, in order to reduce the load onto bearings.
  5. And the speeding up rods are used to enhance the capacity of centrifuge. Also some slots on impeller for the liquid to flow faster.

For the centrifuges with 18 inch diameter bowls, GN has different models available, with different bowl lengths, and the bowl length diameter ratios are respectively 2, 3 and 4. They are designed for different applications. And also the ones bigger and smaller than 18 inch ones, like the 14 inch bowl ones, there are also 3 and 4 as bowl length diameter ratio available, and also 22 inch ones.
The largest decanter centrifuge GN has is up to 30 inch bowls, while the smallest is 9 inch bowls.
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