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Shale shaker brief introduction

Many people don’t know anything about shale shaker. From the brief understanding we know it is an equipment to shake or make drilling mud vibrating. Ye, the shale shaker is a device with vibrating motor to separate particals out of drilling fluids

What is the shaker function in system?

The shaker also can be called vibration device. It is the first stage solids control equipment.  Usually it can separate particals larger than 76 microns. The drilling mud flow through the high set pipeline get to the baffle box on the shaker or directly to the distribution box. Then the shale shaker begin working to shake the drilling mud with solids.

After it processing, the solid partical size will be smaller than 76microns. The clean mud will fall into the shaker compartment or settling compartment. Then the afterwards equipments will do following processing, such as Desanding, Desilter, etc. So, the shale shaker is the key equipment on drilling mud system. Even there used be a specialist said “In the future, the whole drilling fluids unit just need one perfect shale shaker”

GNZS83-2 Shale Shaker

GNZS83-2 Shale Shaker

The structure of the vibrating shaker

The vibrating shaker usually consists baffle box, the motor support beam, the vibrating motor, the hydraulic pressure adjustment, motor starter, deck, screen. These are main parts on whole shaker.

Moreover,  if requested by client the baffle box will be replaced by divider for drilling mud distribution and crunching.  The vibrating motor can be chosen as per customer preferance. And the motor divided into explosion proof and common type. This is decided by the usage industry. The deck can be designed to one or double, etc.

Shaker screen feature

Screen is made of stainless steel wire mesh. The shaker screen can be soft/hard hook trip type, steel frame screen. Then can be divided as flat scree, pyramid shaker screen.

As we all know, API hold standard on screen manufacture. If the cut point larger the mesh will be less. The area is important issue on shaker screen capacity, the oper area percentage is an issue cared much by client.

Screen quantity leads different treating capacity.  It is similar as screen area issue. Choose shale shaker from mud system capacity then we can know the screen quantity and screen area. This will help us understand better on shaker performance and screen usable life.

Vibraion motion of shakers

From the beginning until now, there are 4th generation shale shakers including circle motion, elliptical motion, linear motion, ballanced elliptical motion. You may also know Mongoose dual motion shaker we just treat it as 4 th generation.  The 4 m0tions have their own strength. However, nowdays we prefer linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shaker.

If the screen area is same the different motion will come out difference. Since the vibrating motion can result the treating performance, etc. Almost shakers have shortcoming of block, jam, horse foot effect, use ideal shale shaker can help much on effeciency. Such as GNPS Balanced elliptical shale shaker will overcome much disadvanctages of formerr vibrating device.

Of course, select the appropriate vibrating shaker depends on the well drilling and fluids processing capacity. Also consider clients’ demand or preferance.


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