May 05

Shale shaker is the first phase equipment for drilling fluid cleaning in oil & gas drilling,CBM drilling, HDD and other mud recycling project. There are 2/3/4 screens shaker, single and double deck shaker, linear & BEM shaker, which shaker is better?

2/3/4 Panel Shale Shaker

When clients choose a shaker, the treating capacity will be a very important spec. Normally the larger capacity the more panel no. . You can’t say 4 panel shaker is better than the 3 panel shaker just because it’s larger capacity and price is more expesive. The shaker that meet requirement and compact on cost is the best one to suilt the job. For example, you project need 150GPM capacity why you choose a 4 panel shaker? Performance will be good but 2 panel shaker will meet the job and will be much lower price.

The longger shaker deck, the better for drying performance. Depending on your request of the drying fuctions, you can choose 3 or 4 panel shaker

Linear or BEM Shaker

Linear motion shale shaker is the most popular shaker all over the world, it’s more steady on quality and performance. BEM shaker is the most advanced technoligy and will be better to enlarge a shaker’s capacity and better to avoid screen block. Some clients like the linear shaker because it’s more steady and some like the BEM shaker because it’s more mud capacity. Some times, it’s just different taste just like some like BMW and some others like Mercedes-Benz.

There is not a confirmed anwser that which is better and which is not good. All will depending onyour project requirement and also you taste. Please contact GN Solids Control for more information


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