Jan 19

Every day, when you open a daily or weekly newspaper, or even a monthly magazine, you could find at least one article written about the crude oil price. No doubt, this subject has become one of the hottest topics because, to shock to everyone, the crude oil price has dropped in half a year, to half as before.

People is used to see the crude oil price to fluctuate, higher or lower, just for a while, no matter caused by political, economic, or anything. But to see the crude oil to keep dropping for 6 months and get to this point, and further more, seems not to the end yet, it is really above the expectation. Foreseeing economists, this time, failed again to broadcast this.



For common people, the only connection between me and the oil seems only the car consumption for petro. I will do nothing about it, of course, couldn’t do nothing about it. I just drive from home to work and enjoy the less cost than before. And hopefully, in future, all products I need to use and produced by oil will have a lower price.

GN Solids Control

But as an Oil company or drilling company, if I were, what should I do when the aspired benefit margin is squeezed so much? As is known to all, this time, even APEC itself, couldn’t change the price of crude oil, so we have to accept the price reluctantly. And in order to survive, what we must do now, is to cut the cost, to find more cost-effective equipments manufacturers and service providers. As a consumable system in a drilling rig system, the solids control system is one of my concern.

GN’s Products

GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control manufacturer in China, is always giving good price for best equipments to its clients. It has very cost-effective solutions and never sell spare parts at a high price. It is always ready to support to old and new customers via its professional equipments and service.


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